About us

The Academic Collaborative Centre for Healthy Living Environment (AWGL) is a collaboration of all Dutch Public Health Services, Utrecht University  and other knowledge institutes. The results of our research projects support local and regional policymakers to reduce negative health effects of the living environment and promote healthy behavior in it.

In the AWGL, we combine expertise from practice, science and policy in the field of healthy living environment. The AWGL funds and supports research, connects networks and shares knowledge. We promote and enhance academic skills in public health office workers, and thus promote evidence based practice.


We fund and support Dutch public health services (GGD) to study the health impact of our living environment. We focus on factors that promote as well as harm public health. In order to be allegeable for funding, the environmental factor studied should be within the influence of the local or regional authorities and the study has to be of interest for several municipalities or public health services.


From air quality impact of mopeds or biomass plants, to odour nuisance due to livestock farming, the emissions of electric vehicles or mitigation measures against heat stress. The AWGL supports a broad variety of projects.

Get inspired by research projects and read about their results at projects – sorry, in Dutch only.


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